[NON-PROFIT PORTRAITS] Bishop Anderson House: Fall Spiritual Training Class

Some portraits of the incoming Spiritual Training Education Class of 2018! The Spiritual Care Visitor training is essentially a lay-chaplaincy (aka non-professional / volunteer) training program, built around developing active listening skills while preparing them for the complex encounters they will face within their pastoral care work for their faith communities. Excited to be working alongside an organization that helps equip individuals with the tools and language to give spiritual care to all faiths. 


As I look back on the two years I’ve known George, I say with confidence there are very few people as genuinely delightful and disarmingly honest. It’s no surprise or secret there’s a certain murkiness in the authenticity of the relationships you forge working in entertainment and the arts. Some of that is quite frankly insincere, selfish people but on a much more complex level the more dedicated the performance artist the deeper their personality becomes entwined with their character, their vision, their art. *
When building and creating relationships with fellow artists I often find myself on a playing field in between reality and fantasy-a structure to build upon yet a space where the dream can soar. In my experience queers, women, poc tend to have an innate understanding of this as we’ve always lived in between two worlds. One we imagine to be true and the one that is the reality we step into when we walk out our front door. Most of us at some point have played by the rules to survive, to get booked, to pay our bills, to play the game. Those of us that have forged ahead teach us one thing, when we break those rules we truly thrive.

[NON-PROFIT PROMO] Bishop Anderson House

I've been working with a wonderful non-profit organization called Bishop Anderson House to create and build a library of images to promote and extend their visibility online! These are some recent portraits we did of some of the speakers of their educational training program. 

Mitchell and Christopher, 2018.

This marks the beginning of a very meaningful personal series...a series that celebrates queerness in partnership and intimacy. Most of our stories began in trauma and many still experience fear and violence every single day. But we are growing, blossoming and reclaiming. We are beautiful, vibrant creators, influencers, artists, leaders and owners. And look, we’re out here surviving and thriving taking up the same space we were once told we could not occupy. .