Jon Wes is a Photographer and Director of Photography based in Chicago, IL.  

Most recently Jon Wes has worked as Director with ALEXA GRÆ for their music video Sur La Nuit which recently premiered at The Art Institute of Chicago and Director of Photography with KC Ortiz on their video for "Shut Up" which was picked up by Paper Magazine and MTV's TRL. Other recent projects include DP fo Phillip-Michael Scales' "Lover Let Me Be", IL Humanities, Neverland Management and Shea Couleé's web series. Within the past year he has worked with Mozawa in a residency for High Concept Labs at Mana Contemporary, has exhibited several film installations in conjunction with Mozawa ( Slight of Hand, Dreamplay, In Winter)  and his film Little Secrets was previewed  at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago in April 2016. 

He is currently an active member of the ASMP and the Chicago Advertising Federation. 

You can download Jon Wes's resume: Here.

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